ContentBase is an

Authoring Platform

ContentBase includes Fonto Editor, an intuitive XML authoring suite that allows non-technical users to author schema-valid XML content without knowledge of the underlying XML tagging.

Let us show you how easy authoring XML content can be.

Find out more about authoring.

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ContentBase is an

Enrichment Platform

The content lifecycle doesn't end once the authoring is complete. Add value by enriching your source content beyond the authoring process. Give your users the ability to map metadata, taxonomies, formatting information, and product-specific details to existing content.

Find out more about enrichment.

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ContentBase is a

Publishing Platform

Publish your existing print products using robust PDF-generation capabilities. Streamline your print process with graphical tools to manage advanced page control, float management, pagination control. Publish to PDF (both print- and web-ready PDF), HTML, ePub, XML, CSV, or virtually any other format.

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ContentBase is a

Workflow Platform

Manage workload, conversion, quality assurance, enrichment and product releases using the platform's workflow engine. Change groups and roles to control who is working on what tasks. Users access their tasks in their own Inbox.

Find out more about work management.

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ContentBase is a

CaaS Platform

Content as a Service, or CaaS, is a platform where source content can be made available to channel partners, vendors and product developers via exports, feeds or other packages.

ContentBase hosted in the cloud gives content consumers self-service access to both source content feeds, or feeds that transform your source into vendor formats. ContentBase can meet your all content delivery needs.

Read more about content delivery.

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ContentBase is a

Content Repository

The ContentBase repository is designed to store and version all your digital content alongside your content model.

No one has a perfect set of content. The ContentBase repository separates the logical and physical models of your content, allowing you to be agile about how to develop and maintain your content.

Find out more about repository features.

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What is a Content Engineering platform?

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Get up and running quickly

Customers tend to have challenges that need to be solved yesterday. We know you don't have time for a 3-6 month initial engagement just to get started. We get you up and running so you can address fundamental needs rapidly, typically within the first two months.

We know we aren't going to master all the nuances of how you work in such a short time. We leverage our experience to deliver a foundation for moving forward; not a short-sighted solution focused only on the initial challenges.

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Our place, or yours?

When it comes to deploying a ContentBase solution, we can handle all the IT hosting and let you focus on getting on with your work.

If you have a cloud provider or an internal IT department who we should work with, we can deploy ContentBase to your IT provider too.

Want us to handle IT to get you started, then migrate later? No Problem. We will work with you to satisfy any IT requirements and get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Interested in learning more?

We would love to hear from you and chat about your content and the products you want to produce. Use the contact form to get in touch. We will not share your contact information with anyone else. We look forward to chatting with you.

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