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The ContentBase repository is designed to store and version all your digital content alongside your content model.

No one has a perfect set of content. Migrating from a legacy format to a newer XML format often means you still need to maintain both formats. You may also need to support a partner's content format which is different than your own, while also tagging legacy content to the same metadata.

The ContentBase repository separates the logical and physical models of your content, allowing you to be agile about how to develop and maintain your content.

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Built for structured content

Why spend valuable time getting your structured content model right if you end up storing the content in a repository that doesn't take full advantage of that model.

In addition to storing and retrieving content, ContentBase has a repository component that provides a standard, common, coherent model for all the information about and around the content. This "logical" domain model is part of the larger content model and encompasses elements of content, metadata, and business entities to preserve the value inherent in your content and facilitate better integration with end-user content products and platforms.

Never lose a change

Every content item stored in ContentBase is versioned. Never worry about losing something forever. If an edit was made in error, revert to a previous version and get back to where you started.

Workflows use version control to give users the ability to "roll-back" changes they make while working on a given task.

Auto-save while authoring ensures that you don't lose your work, even if you lose your network connection.

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Manage all your non-XML and legacy content

All of ContentBase's primary features were built to take full advantage of XML-based content, but rarely does one only have content in one format to store and manage.

Store original Word manuscripts, notes, spreadsheets, images, associated PDFs, scripts and other supplemental assets required for different end-user products, and a wide variety of other assets in ContentBase.

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