Content Engineering is a bridge between print & digital

Wrycan bridges the gap between content production and your digital products by delivering the skills and know-how required to ensure your content is developed, enriched and deployed efficiently.

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Content engineering is a bridge built with
a strategy, a process, and a platform.


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A strategy focused on preserving the value inherent in your original content with the added benefit of support for the structures/formats required for current and future products.


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A process to convert, proof and QA your source content, and to author additional content directly in a rich source XML format that is ready to be used in current and future products.


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A platform to store your digital source, manage editorial workflow, allow users to enrich existing content, publish content to native formats like PDF, ePub, and HTML, and export content for end-user products.

Ship content to any product, platform or vendor
with the right strategy, process, and platform.

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How does Wrycan build bridges?

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Your source content is unique. You spend vast amounts of time and resources creating it. Why dumb it down when you digitize it? Don’t waste time digitizing content in a format used in a single content product. Focus on building a repository of high-fidelity source content rich enough to use in all your content products and applications.

Holistic content architecture

Establish a comprehensive content model that goes beyond the XML schema/DTD selected to capture your source. Consider metadata, taxonomies, relationships between content assets, and supplemental content. Focus on an architecture that combines all those facets to ensure that your content is ready to meet a wide variety of product and production needs.

Content driven product development

Starting with a well-designed, well-managed set of source content can help you build more agile content products. Focus on how your products tap into all the functionality that is supported by a rich repository of source content by bringing content engineering resources into the product design and development process.

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Find a balance between manual and programmatic conversion. Develop a trusted relationship with a conversion vendor. Make sure they understand your content architecture. Have multiple validation checkpoints in the conversion process to highlight issues quickly. Ensure there is a feedback loop in place to promptly deal with any problems.

Quality assurance

To ensure are you getting the best content you can, have a process to review and sign-off on aspects of your content beyond just proofreading and checking for completeness. Ensure QA resources review embedded pagination, check for proper tagging, verify images and even preview content in ways which mirror how the end-user products look.


Supporting multiple content products means managing different release schedules. Schedules for newly digitized content rarely align to product release schedules. Ensure you have a process to handle all those schedules and ensure the right content gets to the right product at the right time.

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A platform to store and manage your content should have features like workflow, so you can control who works on your content; versioning, because everyone makes mistakes; and support for a robust content architecture to handle all the facets of your content.


A platform where you make your content more valuable through enrichment. Augment your original content with additional metadata. Manage product-specific features and content. Allow subject matter experts to author supplementary material.


A platform to transform, package and release content for products. Generate standardized outputs like PDF, HTML5, or ePub, or easily export customized packages/formats for end-user platforms, or as required for content channel partners and other third-party platforms.

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Wrycan's has more than 15 years of experience helping our clients develop holistic strategies, sustainable processes and deploy the right platform to bridge the gaps between content production and product development.

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