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Give non-technical users the ability to author structured content without knowing about the underlying XML tagging.

ContentBase includes Fonto Editor. A full-featured XML editor, Fonto Editor has smart toolbars to show only the operations that are valid based on the part of the document currently being editing. A "track changes" view gives users a familiar way to track progress. Inline comments gather feedback from users involved in the editorial process.

Find out more about authoring with Fonto Editor in ContentBase below.

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Intuitive interface

Fonto Editor helps you create intelligent content by getting out of your way. It works with any XML content model, making it the right tool for authoring and editing structured content.

Fonto Editor is a web-based XML editor that requires no installations, plugins or downloads. The editor features a true WYSIWYG experience, a clean and distraction-free design and features found in popular word processors.

Track changes

The XML editor has a review mode, which features a "track-changes" view showing a change history. Users review the change history and accept or decline individual changes, or choose accept-all or decline-all to resolve all the changes in a document.

A new version of the document is saved in the ContentBase repository after every change to the content or associated metadata. If you cancel a workflow in the middle of editing, changes are automatically rolled back, ensuring you do not lose the original version of the document.

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Much like popular word processors, the XML editor allows users to make comments and notes. Users can leave general comments about the document, or highlight and make inline comments on specific parts of the content.

The comments are threaded so future users can review and respond directly to the comments, either with suggestions or to verify that a change has been completed.

Perfect XML

Generate perfect valid XML every single time without the need to understand any XML structures or tags. The editor enforces your XML model using menus and buttons that are contextual.

For example, while writing a paragraph of text, only the buttons for valid tagging options, things like bold, italic, cross-references, etc., will be available. Menu buttons for tagging that is not allowed in the paragraph will either be disabled or will not show up at all.

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