Enrichment Platform

Make your content more valuable by enriching it with additional metadata.

Enrichment tools allow you to map taxonomies to different parts of your content or add formatting metadata to change the way a print-product looks. Tag author and other book information to make your content discoverable in end-user content applications. Add interactive elements to existing content.

ContentBase gives you the tools to make enriching your content more accessible.

Read more about enrichment use-cases below.

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Not all metadata is created during the content authoring process. Go beyond the boundaries of your XML model and map external metadata vocabularies to your content items.

Do you need to deliver content to different end-user applications which require product-specific metadata? Need to create table-of-contents rules for chapter content for one app? Add short titles for navigation in another app? Add product-specific metadata for customer-facing applications in ContentBase.

Additional content

Create supplemental material and associate it with your primary content without altering your source. Bring content to life by embedding videos delivered by media platforms such as YouTube and Brightcove or interactive components developed by your in-house team.

ContentBase helps you manage your entire content universe. Generate rich content products and support all your content applications.

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We got our start helping large education publishers solve their content challenges. One of those challenges was correlating taxonomies, both directly to content as well via intermediaries.

ContentBase has built-in support for correlating taxonomies to content stored in the repository. Manage correlations with a mapping dashboard that features a user-friendly drag and drop interface where users can visually map taxonomies to content to make your content more discoverable.

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