Content as a Service (CaaS)

ContentBase is a "Content as a Service" hub for all your end-user content products and partners.

A core component of Wrycan's Content Engineering strategy is to focus on the source content and not the utilization when creating a content model. This "Content-First" strategy aims to put you in the best position possible to support current and future content products. ContentBase gives those who need access to your content the most up to date content in the format they require.

Robust transform capabilities and release management give you control over the delivery of content to each partner, vendor or product team.

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Content as a Service (CaaS)

In a time when there are so many devices, platforms, partners, and in-house product development efforts, on all of which you want to make your content available in whatever format is required, you need a way to manage all these requirements.

ContentBase hosted in the cloud gives content consumers self-service access to both source content feeds, as well as feeds that transform your source into vendor formats. ContentBase can meet all your content delivery needs.

Release scheduled for Q2/2019

Content release management

To get the most value out of your digital content, you need to supply content to multiple platforms and channel partners. Whether mobile applications, end-user web platforms, or channel partners who are offering your content to their users, you need to manage how you deliver content to different products and platforms.

ContentBase Release Management allows you to group content into different releases to manage how it is released and to get a dashboard-level view of the status of all the content associated with a release.

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Quickly support new products

Use ContentBase's publishing capabilities to convert source content into virtually any format. Quickly build new transforms to generate outputs for multiple content-product platforms. Set up on-demand exports, or schedule bulk exports to occur on off hours.

The XSL Extension API gives developers access to more than just the content. Query metadata, do searches across multiple document types, traverse relationships, even package up publishing results into ZIP files.

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