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ContentBase workflow and roles give you control of your content tasks. Instead of working around the limitations of a system forcing you to work in a specific way, Wrycan will configure workflows and roles to fit your needs.

Allow specific users to create new content, but limit others to reviewing and proposing changes. Allow some users to build new taxonomies, others to map those taxonomies to existing content. Automate tasks by automatically assigning content to specific users. Workflows give you control over your content processes.

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My Work shows all your assigned work

Know what you are working on

Whether you have a group of authors who need to work on content across many titles or documents or subject matter experts who are in charge of tagging documents with custom metadata, ContentBase workflows give you the ability to assign content tasks so that users follow your process.

Users manage their work in the Inbox, a dashboard that shows all the work assigned to a user and keeps them up to date as tasks are assigned to them.

Automate tasks

Do you need to make sure you review some of your content every year for compliance reasons? Do you need to automate specific steps in your content workflow?

ContentBase workflow automation can perform complex operations on your content automatically. Workflow scheduling means that important workflows can be automatically started based on custom dates or time-intervals. Never be out of compliance again.

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Stay in complete control

Workflow permissions and content locking give you control over who can work on content stored in ContentBase.

Need to stop all work on a book to give it a final review? Lock an entire book to ensure that no one is making changes while you are reviewing.

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