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Content Engineering is a

Bridge bewteen Content Production &
Digital Content Products

Content Engineering bridges the gap between content production and your digital products with the skills and know-how required to ensure your content is developed, enriched and deployed efficiently.

Let us build a bridge for you.

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Why Content Engineering?

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There is a language gap

Content production and software engineering teams don't speak the same language. The success of a digital content initiative can depend on how both teams work together. Content Engineering resources have both content production and software engineering domain expertise.


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Your content isn’t single-use

Content Production efforts focus on producing a single print publication. Software Engineering efforts focus on producing a single product. Content Engineering focuses on creating and maintaining a single-source repository of reusable content.


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A "CMS" is not your magic bullet

Too often the proposed solution to any digital content initiative is "deploy a CMS". No CMS will address all your needs. Wrycan's solution pairs our Content Base platform with the resources, best-practices, experience and know-how to maximize your investment.


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Hard to identify the right standards/technologies

Navigating the sea of digital content and technology standards can be daunting. XML? DITA? DocBook? QTI? JSON? Adopt the standards and technologies that are the best for your content needs and bypass the buzz words and over-hyped technology.


Deploy a Content Engineering department

The success of a digital content product initiative depends on how well Content Production and Software Engineering work together. How well these two groups work together hinges how well they communicate requirements, development strategies and project develiverables.

Wrycan's turnkey Content Engineering solution fills the roles required bridge the gaps in domain expertise required to successfully develop, translate and manage product requirements between Content Product and Software Development.

Typical Content
Production Roles

Production Manager
Subject Matter Expert
Book Design

Content Engineering Roles

Content Model Architect
Content Engineer
XSLT/XSL-FO Developer
XML Developer
Content Output Developer

Typical Software
Engineering Roles

Project Manager
System Architect
Database Architect
Graphic Designer
UX Designer
QA Testing

Wrycan's Content Engineering Services

Content Architecture

Content Architecture is the blueprint by which all your digital content is designed around. We implement and maintain a high-fidelity Content Architecture for your content.

Content Conversion

Convert current, future and back catalog content with automated, manual and hybrid conversion. Pair with QA processes to ensure content is ready for use in new products.

Content Production

Harvest digital versions of your in-progress and future content by augmenting your current production processes. Set up a process to capture, digitize, enrich and export content to your products.

Engineering Liaison

We work as your liaison between content production and software engineering teams to translate requirements and offer best practices for both for technology and process.

Product Development

We bring imagination and a fresh prospective to our clients to brainstorm and design new content products. Our 15+ years of experience helps make those new products a reality.

Project Oversight

Managing content application development presents unique challenges. Synchronizing software development efforts, conversion and production schedules is challenging. We help you keep things running efficiently.

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