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Content Base is a

Content Engineering Platform

Content Base is a digital content hub. Content Base supports the core functions required to build, store, manage, and publish content to all your digital products, platforms and channel partners.

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What is a Content Engineering Platform?

A Content Engineering Platform is the source for all your content-driven products.

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With each new product you need to provide a digital version of your content for there is the possibility for a new or custom format.

Content Base is a Content Engineering Platform capable of generating content in the formats you support today, as well as the formats that become a priority next month, next quarter or next year.

Content Base Features

Enrichment Platform

Give users the ability to use drag and drop tools to map metadata, taxonomies, formatting information and to mix and match content for new products. Associate external assets with your content to create more valuable content.

Authoring Platform

Wrycan's Content Base Platform gives non-technical users the ability to author new and edit existing XML-based content. Read an overview of how different Content Base components are used to support a user-friendly, native-XML authoring process.

Publishing Platform

Publish your existing print products using robust PDF-generation capabilities. Streamline your print process with advanced page control, float management, pagination control and the ability to generate both print and web-ready PDFs.

Workflow Platform

Manage workload, conversion, quality assurance, enrichment and product releases using the platform's workflow engine. Change groups and roles to control who is working on what tasks. Users access their tasks in their own Inbox.

Content Repository

The Content Base repository was designed to store all content assets (text or binary) along with all related metadata, relationships, ownership, etc. Maintain versioning for every content asset. Logical model/physical model are separate.

Product Platform

Combine content for different sources to create new products. Build a new export to support an upcoming end-user product release. Push content to channel partners. Even complex content export requirements are simple to build.

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