Recent News - April 3rd 2018

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Wrycan enhances Content Base with the intuitive XML authoring solution FontoXML Editor. See the press release and read more about authoring/editing XML content with Content Base.

Bridging the Gap Between Print & Digital

Wrycan is a Content Engineering company that helps content production and
product development work together successfully.

What are some of the gaps to success?

  • Adapting to an expanding set of platforms and product requirements post-production
  • Editorial process produces the best print product - not ready for digital products
  • A CMS does not fit the needs of your content, it is a one-size fits all solution
  • The need to make endless passes to assure quality
  • No time for strategic thinking, having to react to deadlines for changing product requirements
  • Starting from scratch every time to supply new digital product needs
  • Ensuring the contextual integrity of the content is maintained in the transition to digital

What is Content Engineering?

Content Engineering
con·tent en·gi·neer·ing   /ˈkäntent/ ˌenjəˈniriNG/
Verb — Bridging the functional and technical gaps between your content production department and the technical teams, vendors and partners that want to build products with your content.

Wrycan is a Content Engineering company. We are software engineers who understand the needs of publishers. We have helped many publishers safely bridge the technical gap between print and digital without disrupting their editorial best practices. We bridge the technical gap between the final edited version and new digital products by building a high quality, single-source of content which is maintained in a state of readiness for any use.

Our process simplifies and automates the transition to digital, while preserving the best practices publishers have built-on for years in their editorial process. This approach offers new enrichment points for post-production editing, metadata, taxonomy, correlation and annotation.

Why Content Engineering works

Wrycan has experience working with editorial groups and product development/software engineering groups. Our approach is non-invasive, and supports best practices of print and digital teams.

Content Engineering combines skills, best practices and technology. Whether we work on a small project, or an enterprise-wide strategy. Our consistent approach enables content production and product engineering teams to work together seamlessly to build successful digital content products on any platform. Wrycan maintains a focus on building a successful project outcome, while iteratively creating the best single-source of content for future needs.

Publishers that want to:

  • Build a content model that fits their content, not the limitations of outside technologies like CMS
  • Follow a consistent strategy that pays dividends, not a costly one-off approach for each new use.
  • Maintain integrity of editorial best practices, built up over years - avoiding invasive practices.
  • Unify editorial and digital workflows in a consistent single-source flow of content for all content uses, enabling the highest quality digital products.
  • Streamline the process to review, QA and approve digital content.
  • Enrich content in a single-source workflow – that supports XML-first or XML-last practices.
  • Quickly build new content products on the fly – while maintaining single-source integrity.
  • Work in a user-friendly environment to enrich content with a metadata editor, drag-drop taxonomy building tools, and annotation and editing features.
  • Automate releases of content to customer-facing content applications and channel partners.
  • Create a future-proofed, sustainable workflow that meets the needs of current and future content product development.
  • Get up and running quickly with industry best practices and a hosted technology platform.
  • Automate creation of traditional print-only products.
  • Automate re-engineering of digital content into new print products.

Wrycan enables publishers to achieve these goals by combining content engineering services with deployment of our Content Base technology platform.

Some of Our Customers

Wolters Kluwer
Nature Education
Cambium Learning
Marathon Oil
Information Mapping
Pillar Data (acquired)
The College Board

How We Work

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We focus on companies that want to start, continue or improve their digital content initiatives. We have spent 15+ years helping customers with these initiatives and that is where we deliver the most value.

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We are a lightweight and efficient organization. We designed our delivery model to be the same. We deliver while working around current initiatives and ever-changing requirements and content delivery schedules.

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Advocate for the Best Solution

We never never push a short-term fix when a better solution is available. We make sure the stakeholders understand how short-sighted fixes will affect the ability to meet everyone's long-term goals.

Interested in learning more?

We would love to hear from you and chat about your content and the products you want to produce. Use the contact form to get in touch. We will not share your contact information with anyone else. We look forward to chatting with you.

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