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Authoring/Editing XML Content in ContentBase

Wrycan's ContentBase Platform gives non-technical users the ability to author new and edit existing XML-based content. What follows is an overview of the platform components that support the authoring process.

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Intuitive XML authoring tool

Author structured content

ContentBase features the Fonto Editor, an intuitive XML authoring suite that allows non-technical users to author/edit structured content without knowledge of XML tagging.

Fonto Editor gives users the ability to author and edit new and existing XML-based content while leveraging the editorial workflow capabilities already available in the ContentBase platform. Wrycan is currently offering DITA authoring capabilities and will soon announce configurations for JATS and STS formats.

Fonto Editor can be configured to work with virtually any XML schema, making it a powerful addition to the ContentBase platform.

Organize your editorial resources

A personal inbox lets users keep tabs on any work assigned to them. The inbox shows the user:

  • The content currently assigned to me
  • What tasks need to be completed
  • The available actions for each assigned task
  • How long since the task was assigned to the user
  • What previews are available to review assigned content (PDF, HTML, others)

The inbox also lets users see duties assigned to a group of users, such as a group of proofreaders whose job it is to review all book content.

Inbox c5879b3dcc40786a30563e2dbba134f6947593a9dc77ef4f7a32bb4f8065ddea
Inbox showing everything assigned to you
Dashboard 297cc155aed4604cc7bc3d99cd5583fd58aa27ac1b68344231bdab866470bb52
Keep track of what everyone is working on

See the big picture

ContentBase dashboards show users relevant content information and metadata at a glance. Quickly see what content work in progress, who is working on it and how long content has been in a workflow.

Dashboards are configurable for each different type of content so that users see the most crucial information.

Need a custom dashboard to ensure that users see everything about a specific content type? Dashboards are easy to build using ContentBase APIs.

Take control of your editorial process

ContentBase workflows put you in charge of the change management processes around your content.

  • Use a workflow to give you fine grain control over how you manage which users author and edit content.
  • Assign a workflow to enforce a strict edit, review and approval process.
  • Set up a group ballot to allow a collection of users, such as an advisory group, to review and cast a vote on a set of changes.
  • Use a workflow to manage the prioritization of user-submitted change requests.
  • Set up automated workflow actions to ensure such tasks as periodic reviews are performed on schedule, keeping content compliant.
Workflow bd381c6e6cd35db988bf042023c11c86ff651fce392cbb741a9789b5414d90aa
Example of an editorial workflow
Reviewchanges 3bb16995367a965fe129809895be704febd14f347dc16631ea9eb9d5caa2db4f
Side-by side view while reviewing changes

See how content has been changed

ContentBase editor’s review mode features a "track-changes" view which shows a change history and allows users to accept or decline any and all changes.

ContentBase repository saves a new version after any change to a content asset. If you cancel a workflow, changes are rolled back automatically to ensure you do not lose the content you started with.

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