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Content Conversion Engine is a cloud-based content conversion tool that automates manual content conversion from source document format, such as InDesign, to another structured XML, HTML, PDF, eBook or other formats.

Automating conversion tasks reduces time and money spent on off-shore conversion vendors and reduces the turnaround time between source content and conversion to down-stream content formats. New tasks to convert to different formats can be set up quickly, allowing you to respond to the changing needs of your content consumers and channel partners.

Content Conversion Engine was designed and built by Wrycan in collaboration with DETIgroup, a Massachusetts-based company that offers a number of Intelligent Publishing IT services for publishers across mutliple vertical industries.

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Reasons to use Content Conversion Engine
On-demand content conversion
When you are ready to convert your content, package it up and submit it using a web form to start the conversion process. Depending on how many tasks are set up to run on your content, the results will be ready in a matter of minutes.
Find errors before they head downstream
Content is validated both for structure and for custom business rules before the conversion starts and after conversion is complete. Error reports help users identify errors so they can be corrected before the converted content moves downstream.
Not just conversion
Built using Content Base, a flexible content application platform, tasks can be implemented to to perform a number of customer specific actions, such as loading the results of a conversion to another client system.
Work in the cloud
By deploying your very own instance of Content Conversion Engine in the cloud, you don't need to worry about hardware and maintenance costs. Monthly licensing includes the necessary support services to ensure your system in running smoothly at all times.

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