We Build Content-Driven Web Applications
Wrycan's Content Base is an application platform used to build content-centric, content-driven web applications that save our customers a lot of time and money.
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Reasons to consider Wrycan & Content Base
You are the business expert
You have probably forgotten more about your business than we could hope to know. Instead of us telling you how our product will force you to work, Content Base allows us to design a solution that optimizes the way you work.
Best of both worlds
Content Base gives you the benefits of a customized solution that fits the exact needs of your business, while not incurring the typically high costs associated with a completely custom solution. Keep what's good about your current processes while enhancing it with Content Base.
Take advantage of the web as an application platform
User interfaces for Content Base applications are developed using using ubiquitous web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX. Using standard technologies makes it easy to design and brand each application to fit the needs of your business.

Content Base Components

Designed to meet the needs of complex content-driven applications, the components that make up Content Base can leverage one another: workflows can be scheduled to run automatically; publications can be started by workflow actions; notifications can be sent after workflow transitions or as scheduled actions.

Primary Components:

Workflow Engine
Workflows are useful in just about every type of content-driven application. Used to enforce editorial processes, orchestrate automated tasks and guide users through the components of your application, Content Base’s Workflow Engine provides a flexible foundation for deploying workflows to manage even the most complex business processes.
Content Repository
The Content Repository component of Content Base was built by Wrycan to optimize content storage, versioning and to manage the content models required when using structured XML-based content. The Content Repository manages heterogeneous document formats along with content metadata and internal and external relationships for each asset.
Revision Control
All content and content-related assets stored in the Content Repository are compared and differences are stored for each revision, both for text-based (ASCII) and binary-based files. Previous versions are always available for download as well as for rolling back unwanted changes.
Workload Management
Workflow tasks can be assigned to a single user or groups of users. Users take ownership of specific tasks and owned tasks show up in that user's personal Inbox. The Inbox is an aggregate view of a user's current tasks showing status and available workflow actions.
Powerful Publishing Engine
Publishing Engine built specifically for structured content and capable of producing complex outputs and formats as well as publishing content to other software systems. Optional PDF rendering engine allows on-the-fly conversion of XML to PDF documents and a deep Publisher-API enables even the most complex publication scenarios.
Notification System
Email notifications triggered by workflow events or custom business rules can be sent to users to ensure that important tasks are completed on time or to let users know that new work items are available. The Notification Module uses message templates to make customizing each message easy.
A built-in scheduler can run large publication and import/export jobs during off hours. Notifications triggered by workflow events can be sent via email to users to ensure that important tasks are completed on time or to let users know that new work items are available.

Content Base Solutions
Content Management
Wrycan XMS is an XML-content focused Content Management System built using Content Base.
Content Enrichment Tools
Applications to complement existing content systems and give customers the ability to associate/map/relate additional assets to source content.
Correlation System
Application featuring a drag and drop interface to allow users to map content to existing and custom taxonomies.
Content Authoring Tools
Custom authoring tools that allow our customers to author/edit XML-based content, assoicate meta-data and collaboratively review changes.
Compliance Management
Manage complex processes for "controlled documents", annual reviews, SME ballots & distribution requirements all help keep documents in compliance with regulatory agencies.
Content Conversion Tools
Content Conversion Engine is a cloud-based tool that converts InDesign content to structured XML, HTML, PDF and/or eBook formats.

Flexible deployment
Cloud Deployment
Deploy Content Base solutions in the cloud to minimize infrastructure costs and allow your solution to scale as your needs grow.
Managed Deployment
Deploy Content Base solutions on Wrycan-managed servers at our data-center. Set up dedicated VPN for secure and private managed access.
On-site Deployment
Deploy Content Base solutions on your own in-house servers or at your data center.

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